Walter Rhinehart

V1 Fiber: Vice President

Walter Rhinehart is a veteran in the telecom industry, with a well-established resume spanning three decades. Currently Walter is aggressively expanding V1 Fiber into new markets all across the country with the national expansion of fiber deployment. In 2022 he tripled the revenue of V1 Fiber with several new customers needing expertise with crews, infrastructure growth, Professional services, and management solutions for the broadband industry.

Previously, Walter served as Vice President for KMM Logistics and Network Services where he was responsible for acquiring new contracts with Sprint, Ansco, MasTec, T-Mobile, Black & Veatch, and Verizon. At KMM, he led the addition of new divisions such as a fiber construction group, and generated a new engineering business, which grew the company footprint to new markets in Ohio, Tennessee, Washington, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida. Walter’s experience supports the wireless, wireline, technical, and managed services V1 Fiber offers as well as the rapid growth and expansion of V1 Fiber into new markets.