Shak Powers

Colorado Region 9: Project Manager

Shalako “Shak” Powers is a professional with a diverse background in public service and environmental management. Powers’ educational background is in HVAC, having completed his studies at Penn Foster. He has served as the Solid Waste Director for Montezuma County, overseeing the county’s waste management programs and ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations. He later served as the Montezuma County Administrator, where he was responsible for managing the county’s day-to-day operations and implementing policies and initiatives to improve efficiency and service delivery.

Powers works towards innovative and proactive approach to public service, and his willingness to take on challenging projects to improve the well-being of the community. His work in waste management, energy efficiency, and mental health and substance abuse support have had a positive impact on the residents of Montezuma County and the surrounding area.

Currently, Powers works for Region 9, a non-profit organization that provides economic and community development services to local governments and businesses in Southwest Colorado. In his role as a Project Manager, he works closely with communities in the region to identify and address their economic and infrastructure needs, including broadband, housing, and transportation.

Powers coordinates weekly broadband team lead meetings and monthly stakeholder meetings. He is engaged in coordinated grant writing, and the development of intergovernmental agreements to manage collaborative networks.