Scott Lingle

Eagle County Colorado: Information Technology Director

Scott Lingle is the Information Technology Director for Eagle County Colorado. Also, Scott recently completed his tenure as Chairperson for the Colorado Government Association of Information Technology professionals.
During his tenure with Eagle County, Scott has been involved with local broadband initiatives within the County since 2012, serving as a charter member of the Northwest Colorado Council of Government’s NWCCOG broadband steering committee at its inception. This group was ultimately a precursor to the decision to hire a dedicated resource focused on the improvement of broadband throughout the broader region, ultimately evolving to the advent of the Thor Network.

In addition to Scott’s NWCCOG activities, he also has been a strong proponent for a local strategy focused on partnering with broadband providers to expand the local competitive broadband landscape. Over time, the private broadband providers serving Eagle County have increased from predominantly a single provider (at most two), to approximately five to six providers serving various areas of the Eagle River and Roaring Fork valleys.