Ron Rizzuto

University of Denver: Endowed Professor of International Executive Education & Professor of Finance

Ron Rizzuto is an Endowed Professor of International Executive Education and Professor of Finance at the University of Denver, Daniels College of Business. He is also a Senior Fellow at The Cable Center. Dr. Rizzuto’s specialty teaching and research areas include: capital expenditure analysis, mergers and acquisitions, corporate financial planning, corporate restructuring, and telecommunication finance.

He is one of the leading authorities on the economics of telecommunication overbuilds in the U.S. He has researched and analyzed the economics of cable telecommunications overbuilds for the past 22 years. He has written numerous articles as well as two books on the topic of municipal telecommunications overbuilds, Government Owned Networks (GONs). He has evaluated the economic feasibility of numerous plans for overbuilds, both GONs and commercial overbuilds, and has done some consulting work where he modeled the minimum ‘take rates’ necessary for overbuilds to be economically viable. He recently completed a consulting project where he collected and analyzed the ‘actual take rates’ for 30 GONs in the U.S. from 2009-2018.