Raymond Ortiz

Rio Ariba County: Chief District Court Judge

Raymond has worked with technology since 1982 across many disciples within the field. In this time frame he traveled extensively, both abroad and domestically and his experiences have spanned across different commercial and private industries as well as many different aspects of government.
This has given him a wide perspective of how innovative solutions can be deployed to solve problems and further the objectives of an organization.

He was born and raised in rural Northern New Mexico and eventually settled there to raise his two children.
Although it has been a slow process, eventually this area has started to become technology aware and the need for broadband deployment apparent. The transition from a largely agrarian society and economic model to a modern economic model has been slow with the ensuing disparity of wealth distribution having a detrimental impact on the communities which comprise the area. This has created problems for which part of the solution is deployment of technology to provide services and opportunities which would otherwise be unavailable.
It is this environment in which Raymond has focused efforts for the last two decades in an endeavor to help his community.