Paul Narro

Tekwav LLC: Director of Public Policy

Paul Narro is the Director of Public Policy for Tekwav LLC. He leads the public policy team for the rapidly growing internet service provider, with responsibility for all of Tekwav ‘s public policy advocacy at the federal, state and local levels, as well as evaluating new markets, and subsequently collaborating with communities in the manner required for large scale infrastructure projects. Partnering with Texoma Council of Governments, local ISDs and local libraries to apply for federal funding on various projects.

Paul has been involved in compliance and policy for over a decade. He is a Co-founder and Treasurer of Connect2Educate, a non-profit focused on rural broadband advocacy, assisting legislators and policy makers to the understand barriers and various possible solutions. Connect2Educate was instrumental in the support of HB 5 that established Texas’ Broadband Office and later helped to establish the Grayson County Broadband Coalition.