Michael Mercer

State of Colorado: Program Manager, Whole of State Cybersecurity

Mr. Mercer is the Whole of State Program Manager in the Governor’s Office of Information Technology, Office Information Security. He is responsible for ensuring local government entities are provided cybersecurity resources. This allows these entities the ability to strengthen their cybersecurity posture to protect Coloradans’ information from compromise. Prior to joining the State of Colorado, Michael was the Chief Security Officer for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the Denver Field Office, which covers nine Resident Agency Offices located throughout Colorado and Wyoming. He joined the FBI in 1991 and was the Denver Division’s Chief Security Officer for 12 years. Mr. Mercer’s responsibilities included information/cyber, industrial, physical, and personnel security. He directed the Denver FBI Security Squad in identifying, developing, implementing, and maintaining security processes that reduce risk, respond to incidents, and limit exposure to liability. His office also established and implemented appropriate standards and risk controls to safeguard FBI assets. In addition, Mr. Mercer received his certification as a certified ethical hacker in 2015.