Megan Gernert

Colorado Broadband Office: Broadband Data Program Manager

Megan is responsible for managing the Broadband Data Program, including development, analysis, and utilization of broadband data. She focuses on collecting accurate broadband data directly from internet service providers and developing a robust database of broadband data for Colorado and providing mapping services and data to state, regional, and local broadband stakeholders and internet service providers.

She has worked for the Colorado Broadband Office and the Office of Information Technology for nearly a decade working to promote coordination and collaboration across the state, developing communication channels for broadband stakeholders throughout Colorado.

Raised in Glenwood Springs, CO, she recognizes the issues important to rural Colorado communities. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Geology and Environmental Science from Skidmore College and a Masterss degree in Geography and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) from State University of New York at Albany.