Mark Colwell

Colorado Broadband Office: Senior Manager of Broadband Programs

Mark is responsible for coordinating critical functions for the Colorado Broadband Office, including managing the creation and execution of the Advance Colorado Broadband CPF and BEAD grant programs. He oversees community and stakeholder engagement, federal funding management and deployment, and program coordination. In addition, Mark was appointed by Colorado Governor Jared Polis to serve on the state’s Broadband Deployment Board.

Before joining the Colorado Broadband Office, Mark served for 8 years as a Legislative Assistant in the United States Congress where he was a leader on telecommunications, broadband, wireless spectrum, and federal IT issues. In addition, Mark served as a Senior Business Analyst at DISH Network where he helped select and integrate technology to improve the customer experience. Mark also served as the Director of Telecommunications Strategy at Voqal, a collaboration of EBS spectrum license holders dedicated to social and digital equity. Mark earned his master’s degree from the University of Colorado-Boulder’s Interdisciplinary Telecommunications Program where he was selected as the top graduate in the Class of 2018.