Kristine Fraley

2210Cortez: COO

Kristine Fraley is one of the founders and COO of 2210Cortez, a carrier neutral co-location facility and data center in Cortez located in the Four Corner region.

Kristine is also one of the owners of DataSafe Services, a managed service and security provider in the Cortez region. Kristine has worked in both a paid and volunteer capacity to promote economic development in Montezuma County and the Cortez area. She is passionate about helping her community become more resilient and sees fiber and broadband as a key to lift up the region she calls home. Kristine worked for 10 years as the Executive Director of the Cortez Area Chamber of Commerce and Director of the Colorado Welcome Center in Cortez. She owned and operated a small business for another 10 years and has served in a leadership role on several non-profit boards in her community. One of which, a local radio station, sparked her interest in the technology industry.