Kendra Paschall

Ubicquia: Western Region Sales Director

Kendra Paschall is the Western Regional Sales Director of Ubicquia, which offers municipalities, utilities and broadband service providers a cost effecting and expandable platform for deploying Smart City services. The company’s plug & play devices turn any legacy or current LED street light into a multi-sensor node that supports a growing list of services including advanced lighting control, air quality reporting, surveillance, congestion management, asset location services, gun-shot detection, gigabit speed public WiFi and more.

Kendra is a 27-year veteran of the lighting and telecom industries, with deep experience and proven leadership success managing organizations across the U.S. at the state and local level. Kendra has worked with a number of different companies, including Columbia, Acuity, Philips, Osram Sylvania, GE and Sensity Systems (now part of Verizon).

In addition to her established track record of sales experience, Paschall has been an active member of the lighting community,and has held various positions on national Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) committees, including the Quality of the Visual Environment and others. She was previously President of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of IES and was part of the Item Writers Committee and Prep Guide Task Force for the NCQLP. Kendra is a graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder with an Architectural Engineering degree focused on Illumination Studies.