Katherlyn L. Geter

The Enterprise Center: Program Manager

Passionate advocate, community leader and public servant. All three words and more describe Katherlyn Geter. Katherlyn currently is the Program Manager with The Enterprise Center (TEC) with twenty plus years of social services work helping communities throughout Tennessee navigate/access services. She holds a degree in Human Service Management from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Many people throughout Chattanooga/TN know her as a former Hamilton County Commissioner where she served for one term as the Commissioner of District 5.

Katherlyn is passionate about healthcare (equity and access), education (early childhood) and community development. Her goal is not only to increase understanding of community resources but to contribute to reducing health and education inequities/disparities within various systems for minorities in communities throughout TN. She describes herself as a “willing servant” and believes everyone needs a helping hand at times. Katherlyn is the proud mother of two sons (Jack and Austin) and a very proud grandmother (King). She is faithfully committed to the work in the community promoting access to education and overall well-being/health.