Justin Roller

President at Bonfire Fiber

Justin believes that broadband is for all – not for some. As a radical disruptor of the broadband industry, he believes that public, open access fiber networks have the power to eradicate the digital divide.

With over 20 years of experience in the technology sector helping communities large and small, urban and rural address their gaps in digital transformation, he possesses a unique perspective on how communities and ISPs should be working together to close the digital divide.

The future economic health and vitality of communities depends on affordable, accessible, high-speed internet – and delivering it will increase job prospects, improve education and enhance healthcare. By utilizing and optimizing existing technologies, embracing innovation and leading by example, Bonfire Fiber is working to transform the digital landscape of every American and Justin is proud to lead the business on this journey.

Currently living in Durango, Colorado with his wife and two children, Justin parlays his love of “connections” to having the right connection to rappel down canyon walls in his spare time as well as being a passionate enthusiast of good whiskey.