Justin Roller

Bonfire: Executive Vice President of Strategy and Technology

Justin has over 20 years of experience in the technology sector working to build application platforms and integrate systems. He specializes in helping public sector clients, ranging from municipal governments to federal departments, address their challenges in technology modernization and digital transformation.

His work has included business process automation, cloud implementations, and even network and system security. Justin possesses the proven ability to problem solve through leveraging creative solutions which bridges the gap between technical details and real-world outcomes.

Notable career accomplishments include leading the software team running a US federal government program distributing $1 billion monthly. He has also served on the state of Colorado’s Broadband Deployment initiative which provided him first-hand experience with grants, public private partnerships, and an unique perspective on how communities and ISPs are working together to close the digital divide.

Justin is passionate about applying his technical and strategic skills, in combination with his knowledge of the public sector and grant funding, to help address broadband issues facing American communities today. He believes that we have a rare opportunity now to solve the issues related to strategically providing fast and affordable broadband to provide long-term value to underserved communities.