Irena Stevens

University of Colorado: Interdisciplinary Telecom PhD Program; Associate at National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST)

Irena is a telecommunications policy analyst with expertise in wireless siting and permitting processes, spectrum sharing and coordination policy, and broadband development strategy. Her PhD dissertation research centers around developing best practices for small cell deployment, including streamlining procedural practices, reconciling federal initiatives with local priorities, and developing a framework for small cell aesthetic guidelines. She has involved experience working for both a municipal organization on permitting of a large DAS project and the FCC on regulatory guidelines, which contribute to her advocacy for both advancement in wireless technology and pragmatic long-term deployment planning and strategy.

In her role at NIST, she facilitates project management of spectrum coexistence measurement and test campaigns for a multi-agency advanced communications network founded to promote spectrum-sharing technologies between federal agencies and non-federal commercial users.

Irena has a Masters degree in Public Policy from Georgia Tech, Masters in Interdisciplinary Telecommunications from CU Boulder, and dual undergraduate degrees in Political Science and History from the University of Georgia.