Irena Stevens

HR Green: Management Analyst for the Fiber and Broadband Services

Irena is a telecommunications policy analyst with expertise in wireline broadband development strategy, wireless siting and permitting processes, and spectrum coordination policy. Her responsibilities with HR Green include working on data analysis, policy, financial analysis, and funding. Irena has worked on developing best practices for small cell deployment, including streamlining procedural practices, reconciling federal initiatives with local priorities, and negotiating licenses, leases, easements, and encroachment permits for commercial wireless facilities. Irena has worked on designing and implementing a large-scale Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) on City-owned streetlight poles and facilitated improvement in broadband competition and access.

Irena earned BAs in Political Science and History from the University of Georgia, MSs in Public Policy – Telecommunications from the Georgia Institute of Technology and in the Interdisciplinary Telecommunications Program from the University of Colorado, and will soon complete her telecommunications policy through the Technology, Cybersecurity, and Policy program in the School of Computer Science at the University of Colorado-Boulder.