Ernie Staten

City of Fairlawn, OH: Director of Public Service

Ernie Staten Director of Public Service for Fairlawn, Ohio. He has been working in local government for more than 25 years. Staten is responsible for managing the City’s infrastructure and delivering all of the City services. He is the liaison for all utilities in the City: storm water, sanitary sewer, public water, and electric, gas, phone and cable.

The City of Fairlawn, located in Northeast Ohio, has 7,500 residents and hosts over 30,000 visitors in daily with local businesses and retail. There are 55 miles of roadways in the municipality that are managed and maintained by Staten’s service department. With an average snowfall of 62 inches throughout the season, providing safe driving conditions is a top priority.

There are four parks in Fairlawn that are maintained and serviced by the service department. The service department runs the City’s unique compactor service that is available to all of its residents. The compactor service enables residents to bring in their trash; and recycle paper, plastic, glass, oil, cardboard and yard waste at no charge. 82% of the residents of Fairlawn participate in this program.
The newest service available in Fairlawn is FairlawnGigTM, a municipal broadband utility. Staten has been instrumental in the planning, construction, operation and promotion of FairlawnGig’s Internet fiber service.

The City of Fairlawn views high speed Internet access as an essential utility—as important to the community as paved roads or an electric utility were 100 years ago. The City made the investment to build a state of the art fiber network that passes every home and business. Ernie manages the construction of the network and the operation of the FairlawnGig service that provides Internet access for residents and businesses.