Denise Shorey

e-Luminosity: President/Chief Executive Officer

Denise Atkinson-Shorey is a senior education and telecommunications professional with over 30 years of success at the local, state and national levels. She has served in a variety of leadership roles; running a statewide broadband initiative for schools, libraries and other community anchor institutions, managing regional technical organizations, national consultancies, successful grant writing, public policy and advocacy, nonprofit board work and corporate sector expertise

In addition to her work at e-Luminosity, Ms. Atkinson-Shorey served for the past 8 years on the Board for Schools, Healthcare and Libraries for Broadband Coalition (SHLB), is a past board member for Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) and an Advisory Board Member for Internet2’s Community Anchor Program. She currently serves as is a board member for Colorado Leaders of Education Technology (CALET) and is the Colorado Educational Broadband Coalition(CEBC).