Caroline Brown

SmartWAVE Technologies: Head of Marketing Business Development

Caroline Brown leads the Marketing and Business Development efforts at SmartWAVE. In this role, she drives the company’s growth and position in the competitive wireless industry. Her responsibilities include organizing “go to market” timelines and budgets, conceptualizing marketing plans and developing strategies to optimize SmartWAVE’s positioning in the emerging markets of the wireless industry. With SmartWAVE being a company of less than 50 employees and nationally spread across the US, she also assists with project management, partner relationships, inside sales, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Within three years of working in the wireless industry, Caroline has been published in the CIO Review publication as an award winner regarding the deployment and impact of community wireless broadband projects she has worked on. Caroline has participated in multiple panels and presentations on wireless deployments in both the municipal and real estate markets.

As the Queen of WiFi she strives to give everyone within the community connectivity to the Internet, enabling all individuals, regardless of race, creed or color, the opportunity to participate in a digital society.