Bruce Patterson

EntryPoint: Director of Solution Services

Mr. Patterson is the recognized thought leader behind the ‘Ammon Model’ which includes Automated Open Access and a Business Model that mitigates risk for cities and creates local network ownership of infrastructure that is treated as a true public utility. In 2016, the Ammon network was named the Network of the Year by NATOA. In 2019, Fast Company Magazine described the Ammon Network as “the Best Fiber Optic Network in America.” In 2020, the Open Technology Institute released its annual survey of global internet costs and listed Ammon as network with the lowest cost for Gig internet access worldwide. Bruce was the Technology Director at the City of Ammon and responsible for network planning, design, construction, and network operations until his departure from the City in June of 2021.

Mr. Patterson believes that publicly owned open access fiber networks can successfully address current broadband gaps and should be used for applications that go beyond “fast internet” and he is personally interested in emergency response and public safety applications. Mr. Patterson led Ammon to a first-place challenge award from the National Institute of Justice in 2015 with an ‘emergency screencast application’. The SDN infrastructure created by this challenge is still used today by the local public safety answering point to provide live video updates to local law enforcement when responding to events within Idaho Joint School District 93’s campuses. Mr. Patterson has also served as a co-principal investigator for two National Science Foundation research projects focused on public safety communications: NSF #1258486 – Network Slicing for Emergency Communications and NSF #1647264 –Dynamic Public Safety Response through a Municipal Software Defined Infrastructure.

Bruce Patterson currently serves as the Director of EntryPoint Solution Services, overseeing all consulting projects, including network planning, feasibility analysis, network design, cost projections, construction oversight and network operations and management.