Brent Legg

Connected Nation: Executive Vice President

Brent Legg serves as Executive Vice President at nonprofit Connected Nation, where he leads the organization’s joint venture to establish carrier-neutral interconnection facilities in unserved markets across the United States. Mr. Legg has more than 19 years of experience working at the intersection of technology, politics, and public policy, with a focus on broadband mapping, broadband plan development, and projects to improve K-12 school connectivity. He has provided expert testimony before the U.S. Congress and the legislatures of 14 states, and has authored dozens of regulatory filings and reports, including the State of Alaska’s broadband plan. He is a graduate of Transylvania University with a degree in political science and was a 2002 Hansard Scholar at the London School of Economics in the United Kingdom. He resides in Lexington, Kentucky, with his wife Brianna and three children.