Ben Lewis-Ramirez

HR Green: Broadband Program Manager for El Paso County

Ben is passionate about bridging the digital divide in under-served communities. He has over 10 years of executive management experience in the outside plant engineering and construction industries, with a focus in business development and strategic planning for the past 5 years. Ben is a vocal advocate for the open application business model, and has published numerous magazine articles and blog posts on the subject, in addition to speaking about it at conferences and other events around the country. Ben brings creative problem solving and an entrepreneurial mindset to his work, from co-founding a consultancy and ISP called Lit Communities, to becoming an ISA Certified Arborist to create, implement, and manage tree survey programs for large scale FTTX builds in both Google Fiber and AT&T markets. Ben has worked with some of the best companies and people in the OSP industry in a variety of capacities, from field work, to design engineering, to overall project management. This experience has given him a holistic and comprehensive understanding of wide area network and FTTX deployments.