Austin Karr

Monkethis: Principal

As a Principal at Monkethis, Austin leads project management and is the senior design strategist. Austin resides in Denver, Colorado, a place he has called home for more than a decade. The fact that he calls Denver home has not diminished his commitment to the small businesses and organizations that small towns rely on. Nearly all of the clients in the Monkeythis portfolio are located in small and rural communities or have a direct impact on those communities.

At Monkeythis, Austin has led the marketing strategy and implementation for numerous municipal fiber-optic projects in Iowa, including New Hampton Municipal Utilities and iVinton. Austin currently leads the marketing efforts of a national telecommunications engineering firm and assists with the development and promotion of regional broadband surveys.

In addition to fiber-optic projects, Austin has led the Monkeythis creative team on state-wide work-based learning initiatives, rural economic development programs, and the marketing of regional revolving loan funds.