Amedeo Bernardi

Amedeo Bernardi Consulting: CEO

With years of executive leadership experience, Amedeo Bernardi draws on his real-world knowledge and extensive network to ensure clients receive practical and effective advice. Amedeo is a registered Project Management Professional (PMP), having successfully developed and implemented many complex projects across Canada.

• Community Broadband Projects
• Project Management
• Market Needs and Gaps Analysis
• Funding Applications
• Fibre Deployment Projects
• Municipal Wi-Fi Planning and Deployment
• New Technology Opportunities
• Business Planning and Implementation
• Telecom Regulatory Matters

Amedeo is also the founder of Bridging the Digital Divide Canada, an organization that hosts Canada’s Rural & Remote Broadband Conference. CRRBC provides a tremendous information sharing forum for community leaders, rural advocates, service providers and government. The series is a unique opportunity for stakeholders to come together and share their knowledge, experiences, and lessons learned on the challenges and realities of creating a sustainable and ubiquitous digital economy for the rural and remote regions of our country.

Amedeo was honoured to have been selected from thousands of leaders from across Canada to participate in the 2012 Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Conference themed “Leadership and Sustainable Communities”. Held every four years, the Conference was created to broaden the perspectives of leaders in business, unions and public administration. This experience further enhanced his ability to make decisions that are based on a practical understanding of the influence our organizations have on the general welfare of our communities and Canada as a whole.