This Track will cover subjects such as Fixed Wireless, Mobile Wireless, Wi-Fi and Millimeter Wave technologies.


June 26th

Policies Governing Small Cell/5G

Participants will learn how local governments can establish reasonable regulations and public policies governing small cell deployments In addition, the presentation will address:  Legal impacts of the FCC regulations on communities Concerns such … Read more


June 25th

Unique Use of Infrastructure to Support 5G for Driverless and/or Connected Cars

One of the most anticipated applications of 5G is driverless and/or connected cars. However, the technology can only be successful if its deployed safely which means there can be no … Read more


Wireless Solutions to Power the Future of IoT & Rural Communities

By leveraging the 600 Mhz spectrum acquisition, T-Mobile will be able to add coverage throughout the entire US, including a focus on rural communities while adding significant value to our … Read more