Plaza Ballroom A

General Session

August 6

Lunch Keynote: The NTIA and the “State” of BEAD

Attend this keynote panel and fireside chat with NTIA BEAD Director Evan Feinman and State Broadband Directors on the Status of BEAD. The session will delve into such topics as … Read more

Broadband Equity, Access & Deployment

August 8

Overcoming ROW and Permitting Challenges in Rural America

In the rural areas of the United States, the permitting and rights of way processes often present significant challenges for various stakeholders involved in infrastructure development and public projects. These … Read more

Broadband Equity, Access & Deployment

August 9

Scoring the Technical Strength of BEAD Subgrant Applications

Based on 50+ Network Evaluations Now that the State Broadband Offices know the BEAD funding they’ll receive, this operational question becomes even more important: How will the technical quality of … Read more