Governor's Square 11

Emerging Technologies

August 8

AI: A Game Saver in the Broadband Workforce Shortage

The broadband industry is experiencing a shortage of skilled employees to manage and operate their networks, which results in longer lead times for service delivery and slower response times to … Read more

  • 4:50 pm to 5:30 pm
  • Speakers: Rhyan Neble
  • Governor's Square 11
Broadband Potpourri

August 9

Hiring Our Heroes: Finding the Hidden Gem to Augment Your Workforce

In this panel, you will hear from companies that train/place and employ our Veterans as they leave their military careers and seek to become reintegrated into civilian life. These individuals … Read more

Emerging Technologies

August 8

Cybersecurity and BEAD

Billions of dollars will be handed out in BEAD dollars. But are you aware of the 300+ pages the NTIA has issues as guidelines for BEAD recipients? Your State will … Read more