Connected Communities

June 26th

Public and Private Debt and Equity Including Opportunity Zones and Other Non-Traditional Financings

In this session, you will learn from financial industry experts as this discuss Opportunity Zones and other non-traditional financial options.

Connected Communities

June 25th

Cooperatives: Leverage Cloud Methodologies to Simplify and Scale ISP Complexities

Operations, service and support can be challenging aspects of running an internet service offering for your community—Luckily leveraging multitenant and shared management cloud methodologies can simplify these aspects while maintaining … Read more

  • 4:15 pm to 5:00 pm
  • Grays Peak 1
Public Safety

June 26th

911 Network Diversity and Resiliency

As the first link in the public safety chain, 911 is often considered the most important service government provides. But what happens when it fails, and more importantly, how can … Read more