The Broadband Serviceable Location Fabric: A Precise Solution to Broadband Mapping and a Reduction in Burden

June 25th – 4:15 pm to 5:00 pm
Quandary Peak 2

Precise locations are crucial to accurately map broadband deployment nationwide and close the digital divide. Rural providers, municipalities, and new carriers carry the honor of serving the unserved locations, but are often burdened by poor coverage maps, insufficient location data, and lack of funding.

Join us for a deep dive on how we can collectively solve the mapping problem, settling the served v. unserved, and the funded vs. actual location debates once and for all.  Jim Stegeman, who is working on the Broadband Mapping Initiative, will cover the following in this session:

  • An overview of the current system – what works, what doesn’t
  • Why funded locations don’t always equal actual locations
  • The Broadband Serviceable Location Fabric and the path to location clarity
  • The job ahead: what can be done to move the chains on the Broadband Mapping Initiative”