Narrowing the Cybersecurity Battlefield for Community Infrastructure

August 10 – 11:00 am to 11:45 am
Quandary Peak 1


Bob Thompson

Underline: Founder & CEO

Municipal cyber attacks might not grab national headlines, but a stream of hacking incidents has become a tide: courthouses, libraries, schools, hospitals, and government service agencies have all become targets. Join Forrest Senti from the National Cybersecurity Center in conversation with Bob Thompson and Kyle Glaeser from Underline—the community infrastructure platform focused on deploying open access, multi-use fiber networks—as they discuss how modern communications networks and software can narrow the battlefield to ensure that communities can protect their institutions and pursue secure smart city/utility solutions.


Kyle Glaeser

Underline: Director Emerging Networks

Forrest Senti

National Cybersecurity Center: Vice President of Programs & Operations