Shovel Readiness: The Key To Optimizing Your Funding & Accelerating Your Build

August 11 – 2:30 pm to 3:15 pm
Quandary Peak 2

Pre- Covid much of our time was spent educating communities on the value of fiber broadband. In 2020 communities everywhere learned first-hand that broadband is essential as we all had to work, learn and live differently.  As a result of distance learning, telework and telehealth, upstream bandwidth demand has risen dramatically (some studies show increases of over 80%) and government funding at the federal, state and local levels has increased to assist with connecting the many that are under served.

With the value of broadband now obvious, the challenge becomes how to build networks quickly and ensure the networks will support future speed requirements. Many Government funding programs favor projects that are “Shovel Ready “ – so how do those rising to the challenge of rural broadband position themselves and their communities for success.

  • In this session attendees will learn tips and tricks for building out fiber broadband networks rapidly, reducing risks of overspending and delivering service on time.
  • Planning a successful fiber broadband deployment
  • Architecture & design considerations
  • Increasing the build pace and reducing the costs
  • De-Risking the project, labor and product shortages
  • Managing quality


Barry Walton

Corning, Solutions Architect