Using Partnerships, Middle Mile fiber and Carrier Neutral Locations to Improve Rural Broadband

August 11 – 10:30 am to 11:15 am
Quandary Peak 3


Michelle Haynes

Region 10 League of Economic Assistance & Planning: Executive Director

How can rural and remote communities achieve a high level of broadband service that rivals more metropolitan areas?  Region 10 in Western Colorado has come up with a formula that delivers results.  This presentation will describe development of the network, the value of partnerships, including Rural Electric Cooperatives, and how to use middle mile infrastructure to attract private investment in last mile services.  You can replicate our formula in your community and we’ll show you how.


Kent Blackwell

Delta Montrose Electric Association: CTO

Corey Bryndal

Region 10 League of Economic Assistance & Planning: Broadband Project Coordinator