Using a Fiber Deployment to Aid in Revitalizing a Downtown

May 24 – 10:00 am to 10:45 am


Ryan Smith

City of Loveland: Engineering Manager – Pulse Broadband

Loveland is challenged by the county and city rules regarding historic structures in our historic downtown area, from decorative brick alleys and roadways to historic buildings that are challenged to meet fire code with multiple additions, to preserving the historic look and feel of downtown. We have been confronted by regulation to “hide” our presently constructed fiber and have been innovative in burial and overhead fiber distribution and drops to premises. This coupled with not disturbing the historic nature or structural integrity of our downtown has presented many obstacles and opportunities to grow and make sure the spirit and charm of our historic downtown district is kept alive. Techniques include micro trenching, hydro excavating, riser’ed drops, roof and ground level access as well as creative thinking to cause the least amount of damage to the roads, alleys and structures. Permitting challenges with our Public works group as well as the county regulations also presented unique opportunities to address distribution and feeder fiber runs and vault / cabinet locations all planned and documented through our design and GIS processes. 

Learn how you can navigate your own construction challenges while driving economic development in your community. 

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Nathan Hoople

ditesco: Senior Project Manager

Lindsey Johansen

City of Loveland: Pulse Communications and Marketing Manager

Sarah Rose

City of Loveland: Sr GIS Analyst