The Future of the Edge in Western States is Rural

October 26 – 3:30 pm to 4:00 pm

The future of the internet is the edge, and the future of the edge is rural. In this session we will show how smaller non-urban markets are a proving ground for emerging technology, policy, and infrastructure related to broadband distribution; we will specifically look at examples from Montrose and Brush CO. Many small communities have the ability to move rapidly to exploit their available resources to the benefit of their citizenry, from locating data centers on-site with renewable energy projects like wind, PV, and microhydro-electric projects powering edge data centers, to community broadband cooperatives, to a former private prison that is being converted to a data center we will discuss how the future of the edge is rural.


Matt Johnson

Gunnisystems, Founder

David Dragoo

Mayfly Outdoors: Founder