The Future of Network Convergence

May 24 – 2:00 pm to 2:45 pm

The next decade of telecom infrastructure evolution will drive true digital transformation in the connected world. The industry is already undergoing a significant transformation with the enablement of 5G services in a software-defined, open standards, disaggregated and cloud native networking environment. This transformation is evidenced by the proliferation of a wide variety of smartphone and IoT devices, applications and services across industry verticals and by the growing demands for ultra-high-speed mobile broadband, low latency connections with massive density and reachability anywhere, anytime and at any cost.

To meet this demand, the U.S. government has allocated broadband funding to connect the nation with the best possible high-speed network infrastructure fabric. This funding gives service providers the means to deploy multiple access networks that could leverage recent advances in optical and wireless technologies. At the same time, new connectivity choices become available to users with these new broadband access technologies.

While several service providers have expanded from wired to wireless, integrated legacy wired and wireless networks, no single access method could ever meet the user demand for faster, more reliable, and secure mobile connectivity and a seamless service experience. This presentation will share details on how a smart converged network solution will enable a more seamless and optimized experience independent of the user location, thereby improving the way we live, work, learn and play while adopting the next generation applications and services. Today, the timing is right to focus on a network architecture that is user centric and can deliver significant value via the convergence of wireless and wired networks.


Claude Aiken

Nextlink Internet: CSO/CLO

Glen Scymański

Radisys: Sr. Sales Director