The Art of Delivering a Successful Fiber to The Home Program

October 27 – 3:30 pm to 4:00 pm

Many FTTH build programs have very little runway in the business case to incur cost over runs, or to fall short on the build schedule, that is typically tied to revenue targets.

FTTH projects can struggle with getting off on the right foot, delivering on time and on budget.  Many go through a phase (s) of resets, that typically trigger additional costs along with slippage of the delivery schedule.

This presentation will share learnings from a seasoned leader in FTTH deployments, where he facilitated a different approach that led to successful multiple FTTH deployments, connecting over 100 communities.

Topics that will be covered:

  • Program planning
  • Setting the stage to be successful
  • Paving the road with various stakeholders
  • Enhanced design and build model
  • Reducing labor and increasing productivity
  • Material management
  • Optimization of designs
  • Marketing and home installation
  • Quality program
  • Transitioning the build program to the operations teams


Barry Walton

Corning, Solutions Architect