Technology Options for a Multi-Gigabit Broadband Future

August 6 – 9:30 am to 10:15 am


David Eckard

Nokia: Vice President of the Broadband Partners

In recent years, service providers have overwhelmingly opted for XGS-PON as the PON technology to lead them into the era of multi-gigabit services. At the same time, the industry has been preparing for what comes next anticipating future drivers of greater speeds, working on several technologies that will move the boundaries of what is possible beyond XGS-PON. 

Whatever next, next technology you choose, 25G PON, 50G PON or beyond, the decision to invest will be based on your service needs at that time, the cost effectiveness of that technology, and its performance. But it’s not just about the raw speeds that the evolution of PON offers, it’s about understanding the emerging and evolving needs of consumers and how PON technology can better be applied to it’s new use cases. 

These advances in fiber performance mean fiber broadband can do more than just fiber-to-the-home. Fiber is, everywhere, so it can be used to connect everything: homes, businesses, industry 4.0, smart cities, and 5G cells. Even evolving into connecting applications, services and even ultra-edge compute, all on the same fiber infrastructure. Let’s start focusing on what the consumer wants and understands, such as competitive gaming, latency management, enterprise slices in a residential context for banking, IoT, healthcare, education and so much more. 

We tend to think of new generations of PON being simply faster, and they are that but another important question to be answered is if speed is the only important driver for QoE of customers. As anyone knows max speed is strictly correlated to latency, so only increasing speed without looking at latency can be unfruitful. And low latency PON can empower you to unlock new capabilities in your fiber network to use fiber for everything and accelerate monetization.


Gino Dion

Nokia: Head of Innovation Solutions Team, Network Infrastructure

Stefaan Vanhastel

Nokia: Fixed Networks' Head of Innovation & Marketing