Real World Examples: Colorado Communities and Broadband Program Implementation

May 24 – 4:15 pm to 5:00 pm


Ed Barrett

HR Green: Practice Leader – Fiber and Broadband Services

Thanks to numerous state and federal programs, counties and cities have the opportunity to leverage billions for broadband, transforming our infrastructure.

With those billions, local governments and, potentially, their partners, will be constructing thousands of miles of fiber optic lines, allowing “Glorious Gigabits” to flow to millions of their residents and paving the way for a wide variety of smart city and intelligent infrastructure applications.   Understanding how to best spend these funds is crucial and creating a master plan, and phased project plans is now the most important first step that communities can take to prepare. 

This session will explore how several Colorado counties and communities are creating strategic plans that will enable them to leverage the coming funding to solve the broadband problems that have persisted. 

Their approaches (whether they are in the early stages of planning or are beginning to implement their action plans) will provide attendees some practical examples that can be put in place today to ensure they are not left behind tomorrow.

Attendees will learn how other public sector leaders are taking affirmative steps today to:

  • Understand the disconnects in the FCC speed data and how you can document “on the ground” reality to position yourself for funding eligibility 
  • Understand how several Colorado cities and counties have identified opportunities, gained funding, created partnerships and prioritized investments to address their most critical needs
  • Create phased, actionable plans to address the digital divide 
  • Establish effective public-private partnerships (P3s) in areas where policymakers prefer to facilitate private sector solutions.
  • Create organizational capacity to manage robust broadband programs
  • Develop packaged solutions in preparation for state and federal grant program funding.

These issues and more will be presented with practical examples of public sector planning efforts and their impacts on bridging the digital divide.

This highly engaging panel will address the pros/cons/costs and opportunities of these social, technology and funding opportunities.

Session Slides


Ben Lewis-Ramirez

HR Green: Broadband Program Manager for El Paso County

Scott Lingle

Eagle County Colorado: Information Technology Director