Project THOR Keynote

June 26th – 11:45 am to 1:00 pm
Colorado Rockies Ballroom


Dan Endries

Ciena: Regional Sales Manager

Robust, redundant and affordable middle mile connectivity is a requirement for any 21st century regional community. To achieve this goal often requires diverse collaboration, public private partnerships, government sponsorship, and/or creative and committed leadership to drive the project to completion.

This session will explore the efforts that have gone into the successful creation of a northwestern Colorado state of the art middle mile network that will connect over a dozen rural communities with high speed internet and private data services. Topics will include initial vision, regional community collaboration efforts, funding, operational partnerships, core technology and planned service offerings.


Dr. Paul Schultz

City of Aspen: IT Director

Nate Walowitz

Northwest Colorado Council of Governments: Regional Broadband Program Director

Evan Biagi

Mammoth Networks: VP of Colorado Operations

Joe Krzizike

Ciena: Senior Systems Engineer