Local Officials Are Working to Ensure That Residents Can Adapt to New Connectivity Demands & Thrive In a Post-COVID-19 Landscape

October 27 – 1:00 pm to 1:30 pm


Francella Ochillo

Next Century Cities: Executive Director


Corian Zacher

Next Century Cities: Policy Advisor

The coronavirus (“COVID-19”) pandemic triggered a once unimaginable series of events which only exacerbated the digital divide. Regardless of their ability to get online, millions of Americans were required to work, learn, obtain medical care, and access community resources from home. The need for ubiquitous, affordable, and reliable broadband became impossible to ignore. 

Local officials are still working to ensure that every resident has the requisite connectivity and equipment to adapt to new connectivity demands. Join Next Century Cities, a coalition of member municipalities that recognizes the importance of widespread access to broadband, for a conversation with community leaders. Find out how they are working to close local connectivity gaps and, importantly, their insights on why stakeholders at every level of government should work towards a nationwide strategy to bring broadband within reach for every community.


Candelaria Mendoza

City of San Antonio: Smart City Coordinator

Zach Friend

Santa Cruz County: Second District Supervisor

Ricky Santiago

CIty of Louisville, KY: Digital Inclusion Program Manager