Policies Governing Small Cell/5G

June 26th – 1:30 pm to 2:15 pm
Quandary Peak 2

Participants will learn how local governments can establish reasonable regulations and public policies governing small cell deployments

In addition, the presentation will address: 

  • Legal impacts of the FCC regulations on communities
  • Concerns such as aesthetics, zoning, ordinances, design standards, and public safety
  • Public policies that can effectively manage public rights-of-way
  • Collaborating with telecommunication providers and stakeholder agencies to revisit permitting programs and practices
  • How to make it easier for jurisdictions to process applications reasonably and expeditiously

The Issue for Local Governments:

On September 26, 2018, the FCC approved an order to enact preemptions of local authority over small cell wireless facility deployment and management of local rights-of-way. Meant to expedite and streamline the national rollout of millions of new cell towers and antennas for 5G deployment, the new FCC ruling is requiring a “shot clock” with mandatory approvals of small cell towers in your community.


This FCC Small Cell Preemption order will:

  • Shorten the timecities must process applications for small cells
  • Limits permit and recurring fees for small cell deployments
  • Prohibit cities from assessing feesbeyond a “reasonable approximation” of “reasonable costs”
  • Limit aesthetic review and requirements of facilities, such as small cells and distributed antenna systems (“DAS”) proposed for installation to public rights-of-way

With the right approach and partner, your agency can negotiate win-win outcomes that benefit carriers while addressing key community concerns, such as aesthetics and public safety.


Contact HR Green to find out how we can help your local government meet the FCC’s new deadlines, establish reasonable regulations and recover the costs from these small cell deployments. 

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