Opening Keynote: The Coming Tsunami

May 24 – 8:45 am to 9:40 am
Colorado Rockies Ballroom


Jase Wilson

Broadband.Money: Founder & CEO

Mountain Connect 2022 takes place near the largest single-day event in the history of the broadband industry. On May 16, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration releases Notices of Funding Opportunity (NOFOs) for programs totaling nearly $50 billion of new broadband grants aimed at ending America’s digital canyon once and for all.

NTIA’s programs will unleash more broadband funding over the next few years than all prior U.S. broadband funding programs combined. In the right hands, such resources could kick off nothing short of a new chapter in American dynamism. NTIA’s NOFO is the “starting gun” for states, policymakers, and network builders.

In this special session presented by, hear NTIA Chief Alan Davidson’s vision for success in the new programs, including ubiquitous, affordable 21st century access for all. Hear the latest updates, along with ways that states, communities, and providers should think about the programs, including the vital role of public / private partnerships to make the most of our historic public investment.

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Drew Clark

Broadband Breakfast: Editor and Publisher

Alan Davidson

NTIA Chief