Municipal Success Stories from Iowa

August 10 – 4:15 pm to 5:00 pm
Quandary Peak 3


Curtis Dean

SmartSource Consulting: President

Beginning in 1994 and continuing today, 28 communities in Iowa have built broadband networks while another 46 communities have authorized them through a referendum. Iowa’s municipal community continues to grow with additional municipal fiber projects coming over the next few years.

In this session, we’ll talk with some of the key players in three of these projects. From one of the first municipal broadband utilities in Iowa (Cedar Falls) to one of the newest (Vinton), we’ll explore how each community plotted its course to better broadband. We’ll discuss the challenges they faced, the successes they’ve achieved, and their stumbles along the way. You’ll learn how Iowa municipals have presented a united front to oppose anti-municipal legislation over the years, and how each successive project learns from the ones that came before it.


Kurt Karr

iVinton/Monkey This: President & CEO

David Schilling

Cedar Falls Utilities: Communications Services Manager

Austin Karr

Monkethis: Principal

Kurt Ripperger

Indianola Municipal Utilities: Communications Superintendent