Monetizing the Smart Home Opportunity: Strategies and Solutions

June 26th – 10:30 am to 11:15 am
Grays Peak 1

Today, the Smart Home is a reality with homes averaging nearly 10 devices connected to in-home Wi-Fi, which is expected to grow to over 20 connected devices per home by 2021. Even as service providers expand Gigabit rollouts, they have realized that Wi-Fi connectivity issues lead to a poor Gigabit experience, which in turn can result in unsatisfied subscribers and churn. As an example, in-home Wi-Fi is costing the Cable industry over $1 billion annually in troubleshooting residential Wi-Fi. So how can service providers get better insight into the black hole that is in-home Wi-Fi? How can they improve the customer’s experience and deliver a simple, intuitive service?  Join us to learn about solutions and strategies to help turn the Wi-Fi pain into a profit and monetize the smart home opportunity.