Broadband Actually Needs (Good) Marketing!

May 25 – 10:30 am to 11:15 am

Utilities Don’t Need Marketing… but Broadband is a Technology

While we believe “broadband is a utility,” taking this approach with your marketing can be deadly. To make matters worse, when broadband is marketed, it is reduced to a speed and price value proposition, commoditizing the service.

This session will bring together two experts in the field of broadband marketing to review hits and misses and how to ensure that when you’ve built it, uptake happens! We will explore why broadband is an exercise in marketing a new technology and what that means to you.

We’ll present actual success stories in broadband marketing to give you ideas on how to market your own service.

PowerPoint Presentation of this Session


Doug Adams

Think: Chief Marketing Officer

Steve Riat

Nex-Tech: Director of Sales