Managing Expectations for the Subscriber Installation Experience

May 24 – 3:00 pm to 3:45 pm


Rick McDowell

On Trac: Director of Western Operations

Millions of dollars go into an FTTx deployment.  Regardless the costs of such infrastructures, ROI banks on subscriber buy-in.  That’s not only about robust marketing, but also creating a subscriber experience where both quality of product and quality of installation meet high expectations.  Satisfied subscribers drive targeted penetration rates for ISPs. Hear field specialists discuss how best to set and manage the expectations for a great experience.  And… what can go wrong to hurt your brand. 


Eric Crenwelge

On Trac: Project Manager, Loveland Pulse

Lindsey Johansen

City of Loveland: Pulse Communications and Marketing Manager

Justin Manon

On Trac: Project Manager, Fort Collins Connexion