Making 10G a Reality for Colorado Springs

May 25 – 9:30 am to 10:15 am
Quandary Peak 3


Zach Boeckman

Adtran: Regional Sales Manager

Bandwidth demands from households and enterprise business applications continue to grow rapidly to the point where we’ve reached a tipping point that often exceeds one gigabit network capacity. Network traffic will continue to compound with more and more everyday, high-bandwidth applications becoming widely adopted, including high-definition smart home video feeds, augmented and virtual reality immersive applications, omnipresent IoT traffic, and data-heavy cloud gaming and home office cloud services. Service providers around the globe are looking to identify the right next-generation access strategies needed to build their best network and transition to higher bandwidth services in a cost-effective way.

In this session, StratusIQ, who provide fiber internet services in Colorado Springs in both rural and dense regions, will talk about their expanding network capacity to support today’s myriad of bandwidth-consuming applications.

How is StratusIQ doing this? In this session they, along with Adtran and Plume, will tell you how they’re successfully delivering multi-gig service to their customers that support today and tomorrow’s bandwidth demands.


Ben Kley

StratusIQ: President and General Manager

Sean Robertson

Plume: Senior Manager, Global Channel Partner Marketing