Leveraging Geospatial Tools to Supercharge Fiber Deployment

May 24 – 11:00 am to 11:45 am

As an industry, we are focused on delivering the technology infrastructure of tomorrow to our communities as we move forward in this digital age. Why then, are we still using the same outdated paper driven approach to design, construction, and project management that was so prevalent in the past? This presentation will explore the benefits of adaptation to an innovative digital approach for fiber deployment.

  • Tools used in data collection and design
  • Streamlining design work with survey and collection efforts
  • Eliminating paperwork bottle necks
  • Expediting coordination with project stakeholders
  • Create efficiencies and increasing speed of deployment

Participants in this session will leave with an understanding of the digital tools and methodologies available to save upfront time in design and field coordination as well as increasing speed of fiber deployment.

Session Slides


Walker Hinshaw

Lumiere Fiber: Chief Operating Officer

Aaron McKay

Burns & McDonnell: Telecommunications Designer