Into Pandora’s Box – Cybersecurity Ramifications for Broadband Providers

May 24 – 11:00 am to 11:45 am

Broadband providers are finding that there are 3 different ways cybersecurity impacts them and their business. Providers must contend with the security to their network, on their network, and from their network. First and foremost, attackers will attack either individual business or entities, or the network itself – and providers must be ready to defend themselves from attacks such as a DDoS and others. Second, providers should be conscious of the attacks carried out on their network – from one segment or customer to another. Lastly, they must be conscious of attacks originating from their network to other networks.

Learn how to incorporate cybersecurity considerations into strategy, planning, design, implementation, and operational considerations that most are (sadly) ignoring. 

Session Slides


Todd Cronin

Ryu Team: Founder/CEO

Rafal Los

Lightstream: Vice President, Chief Security Strategist