How to Partner with Construction Professionals

May 24 – 4:15 pm to 5:00 pm


Duke Horan

Bonfire Engineering and Construction: President

Often the actual process of construction (and the employees who oversee it) of our networks is an afterthought. But with challenging workforce issues, never has it been more important to understand the needs and concerns of the people who are actually building networks. In this panel we’ll delve into a world we need to understand better and hear from actual construction and field professionals about a myriad of topics including what they’re experiencing with supply chain and workforce shortages and how they are dealing with them. Also covered will be how you can support them with better network design as well as project management assistance. Join this session to hear how you can avoid overcome construction workforce challenges.


Sandra Parker-Murray

Avaya: Service Coordinator

Danny Reed

Telecom Tech School: CEO