How to Deploy Your Network 50% Faster with Digital Network Construction

June 26th – 10:30 am to 11:15 am
Quandary Peak 1

Traditional network construction methods are struggling to keep pace with today’s large-scale network deployments. Despite the millions of tasks required, they rely heavily on manual processes, labor-intensive handoffs and utilize little to no automation. Join Render to explore the benefits of a Digital Network Construction approach through the lens of a customer deployment, focusing on how digitization can streamline fiber rollouts and connect communities faster and more efficiently than ever before.
The session will cover:
  1. Key trends & challenges impacting fiber demand to 2025 and how today’s technology & digital workflows vastly reduce construction duration and cost.
  2. How Render’s customer in rural Arkansas are deploying their network 55% ahead of schedule by embracing a digital approach to network construction.