How Resilience to Climate Change Reframes our Value Proposition, Tapping a Trillion Dollar Mandate for Mission Critical Infrastructure

August 10 – 2:00 pm to 2:45 pm
Castle Peak

While it seems that we live in a wireless world, the core of our internet infrastructure is all fiber optic cable, running underground and across telephone poles, the whole of which is dependent on an aging electrical grid.  Today, that infrastructure is increasingly vulnerable to extreme weather, notwithstanding the growing criticality of data and the migration to cloud computing.

Climate Resilient Internet is an initiative geared to advancing new best practices to adapt mission critical internet infrastructure for climate resilience.  Those practices are embodied in an emerging industry certification to avert prolonged, catastrophic outages that threaten public safety and health care, cause billions in business disruption and impact our national security.  David will talk about the vulnerability of our internet infrastructure and how Climate Resilient Internet is meeting the challenge of climate change and empowering ISPs with a vital new service that knows its value and escapes the race to the bottom.


David Theodore

Climate Resilient: Founder & CTO